He is ONLY being charged for being a broker of prostitution aka a pimp. His contract has been terminated. a fan account? I wish OT4 the best of luck and hope most people will support them when they finally have a comeback. Feed News Lists Stories. but he ended up being in number 4th on the bias poll here :V. Ummm. ramkissoon 1,008 ramkissoon 1,008 Superstar; Member; 1,008 2,577 posts; Posted January 23, 2016. taeyang: 11 november 2019 So why? @alandria_penn:disqus You would like it if someone said some horrible about you…. Can you link your source? thank god, that boy deserves so much more love than someone who took part in events that led to rape. So, does that mean they’re more likely to disband or stay together? hi again! I’m a little confused by your comment..i never mentioned BB or YG in the comment so where did you get the idea that i’m blaming them for Seungri’s actions? Also, he’d like a woman who can understand his career “I’d like to be able to lean on her for support, and whether she’s older or younger than me, I’d like for her to be able to console me and give me strength when we’re together.” I lost track of this case long ago and sites like soompi and koreaboo aren’t the best if your looking a short but exact breakdown. world, you are not God, only He has that right. Cos every body knows when the accused found guilty twas directly in jail.. but where he is now? This is not the same incident where girls were drugged that is related to Burning Sun which he has been cleared of. And I just wanted to know if they’re still together and if they still make music together…. – He has several tattoos. I cannot judge him. It is wrong for someone to defend Seungri because he actually did commit serious crimes and should go to jail because of them. True fans support no matter what, CAN U LEAVE EUNWOO’S Left Leg!!! Why u hating on him! Lmao I didn’t think people could be this -you fill in the word- . yet another braindead (probably homeschooled)idiot that most probably believes Allkpop, soompi etc…… HOW CAN YOU CONVICT SOMEONE OF CRIMES THAT HE HAS ONLY BEEN ACCUSED OF AND NOT BEEN PROVEN TO BE GUILTY OF??????????????? I hope he drops the soap. He never really was my bias and I’m not trying to defend him, but I think it’s really upsetting what some people are saying about him now and that you shouldn’t just instantly hate him because of that. Who ever supports him GOOOD! this is social media we are in. I neither liked him nor hated him in the past but after everything he has done to several women, I’m beyond disgusted. Thanks a lot for the info! That’s simply the way it is. – Daesung’s ideal type: – a woman who is a good talker, but who doesn’t wear mini-skirts since he would be worried. you are a part of the ignorant and just terrible group of people who still support him. No one should vote for a criminal, unless it’s a vote for life in jail. Birthday: November 4, 1987 What he did was horrible, that’s a fact. He gained an … fucking disgusting. Tell me exactly what the police confirmed to make him a criminal. These guys will just stay in prison for a few years but for those womens it’s like a dirt stain on them that won’t go away no matter how much they try to wash it, it will stay there and haunt them for their whole life maybe become trauma for them so… before you take someones side, you should see the situation from everyones perspective and think carefully what’s right and what’s wrong! just before you start reading this. All I said was that what he did affected Big Bang as a whole and a lot of other people as well. Neither GD, TOP, Youngbae or DLite would support your awful posts. Multiple of my friends have gone through that and every person who rapes innocent women who have done nothing SHOULD be punished and hated on. Have you proven the accusations against him? If the members are still unhappy with their company, there’s a good chance they could disband next year. So, yeah, I will judge disgusting pigs like him, and rightfully so, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Daesung’s instagram doesn’t exist anymore. In July 2017, T.O.P was given a 10-month prison term, suspended for two years, for smoking marijuana several times in 2016. You’re delusional, I’m a VIP too but I’m not delusional. you never know what really happens behind the close doors. Seungri’s scandal on the other hand affected so many people including the girls that were involved. Privacy Policy Loonaworld is just spreading false information everywhere. Daesung needs more appreciation tbh :(( Maybe I just have trouble hating people idk. seungri’s a grown man who has the capability of saying no unlike the ten victims who he knew were being assaulted and did nothing about it. He was ft in Alan Walker’s Ignite along with Julie Bergan and K-391. Also, in Daesung’s profile you should mention that he is very popular in Japan, and that in Japan they consider him sexy and a bad boy (as stated in Big Bang’s appearance on Happy Together), Thanks for the additional info! but i guess thats not tHaT bad, is it? Not everyone thinks and sees things the way you do. Wait- what tf? i tried saying it as polite as i could. He’s like their little brother, they probably feel horrible about all this and ashamed that their maknae did all these bad things but I doubt they have totally cancelled him and never want to see him again. It even states in an article that his band members told him to be careful with what group of people he hangs out with. this is why people don’t like armys. yeah because he did horrible things you delusional fan! Yes, Taeyang’s voice is more featured than Daesung’s is, although Daesung has better technical ability, G-Dragon tends to give Taeyang more lines. Birthday: May 18, 1988 im just lost for words, at first i thought “what? seungri didn’t even take a big part in BB so they will do fine without him. U shouldn’t have comment on this section I think- easy for you to say, since you weren’t the one being filmed while someone was raping you. You do realize that there are actual reasons for calling him these things? OF COURSE MY SEUNG HYUN OPPA !! No. I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT HIM!! It seems like what you mean with your comment is that Seungri will see the hate and feel bad? Please try to be more understanding. – His favorite food is sushi, especially tuna sushi. 4. Even if Seungri didn’t do anything he was still involved and knew about what was happening.I’m really happy that YG kicked him out but I hope nothing happens to the rest of the members. Me2day: @bbdaesung, Daesung facts: BIGBANG will not yet disband and is set to continue promotions almost 14 years after their debut, a rare feat for any Korean musical act. I’d hate for them to fall because of what one stupid selfish member did. well then stop calling people names cause you are the pig although you might be skinney but who knows period, Just so u know the sad truth is, u won’t be able to stop human trafficking, it’s wrong and (one my close friends almost got sold btw) so I understand why u feel this way, but it is impossible to stop it, I’m sad just as much as u are.. sorry for my english. Philstar Home The Philippine Star You’re talking about bullism on an innocent person, Taeyang is not innocent. It’s in here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honorific_nicknames_in_popular_music He killed it #lovethisman . If he does that I can, hopefully, respect him again, only time will tell. Kpop Boy Group Profiles BTS recently also won the 2018 MAMA daesang for 'Album of the Year', and 'Artist of the Year'. Oh okay, just checking because I wasn’t seeing my comment so I wasn’t sure if this was meant to be a reply or not. But there is a good chance they might disband in 2023. the other confirmed idol has been arrested. Can you guys just stop leaving hate comments about Seungri? Poll: Who is the most beautiful (Female) Bassist in Korea? It was brought up that Seungri had said numerous times in the past that he had “stolen” G-Dragon’s credit card when it came time to pay when he was out for the night with others – as it made people feel less guilty about letting Seungri pay the whole bill. T.O.P’s stage name is 탑 in Hangul. Show more G-Dragon fun facts…, T.O.P It doesn’t matter how much you love him or Big Bang.He might be your fav and you think that he would never do anything like that but you have to look at the facts. That shit is traumatising for ANYONE, you wouldn’t get it because you have never been through that. his expected discharged date is may 2019. they changed it into one month earlier. I’m here cause I support the other members. G-Dragon and Taeyang were the first ones to receive training under YG Entertainmentat the age of eleven. Sweety im a working grownup, I have a job, I dont live with my parents or sponge off of them. – Taeyang is ranked 41st on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”. Big Bang is known for composing and producing their own music, especially G-Dragon. – He is known as a devout catholic, he has several tattoos that are inspired by his faith. BIGBANG; MAMAMOO; Previous Page More Results. Glad he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. although seungri definitely can make no excuses for his crimes, it is still important to respect big bang, as they are the people who raised seungri, they are the people who grew up with seungri, taught seungri how to be a person, and saying that they raised someone “disgusting” is disrespecting the group in itself. (and i know that most people have already moved on, but there are still people defending him and i just can’t.). i think what seungri has done is horrible and he should get punished for it, and i’m not trying to defend him at all. Here's what happened to the K-Pop band, What Does K-pop Band Name "MonstaX" Mean? It doesn’t make sense to me why people keep supporting a criminal like he has done nothing wrong. Thank you for saying this. He may not have spoke in the group chats that JJY made but he knew about it, that’s pretty obvious. And deserves all the hate. (And really sorry for the late reply) =/. search “kpop prostituation scandal” and you’ll know. All I’m doing is giving you the actual facts to show how you are condemning him without knowing the truth. They just want put the artist down I totally do not agree with the allegation it does not make any sense. i hope that you all can find a way to deal with that pain and eventually accept it and move on. how many comments did you post about daesung? 2. South Korean boy band Big Bang have released three Korean-language studio albums, five Japanese-language studio albums, five Korean EPs, two Japanese EPs, six Japanese compilations albums, 27 Korean singles, and eight Japanese singles. Prostitution is a voluntary thing but he hasn’t been confirmed guilty or innocent of this. The group consists of 4 members G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung. This makes me think they will not comeback as a group without Seungri,probably GD and Taeyang will do some solo stuff since their solo careers are really big,I don’t think TOP can continue as a solo act with all the drama and Deasung has his Japan career so he will be fine.But i don’t see them coming back as 4 ! It can be tough for a stan to process and come to terms with something like this. I don’t know how things are done in South Korea. If you can’t get your head out of your arse and realise what he’s done then I’ve lost all hope for you. just because he is famous, doesn’t mean that he can get away with it. Seungri is a predator. Either put his scandal info at the top of his “facts” or put all of it in bold for new fans or just people who stumble across his page . Do you have full proof?? Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea ‘he only text but he never do anything’ first of all its He only texted but never did anything to the women. I said he took advantage of them to do bad thing if you are truly a fan you would support him to tell the truth and face punishment for what he did. On his personal profile page, remove the poll completely and move his scandal facts to the top of the page. I don’t know how to cook anything, so I want her to be able to teach me in areas I’m not familiar with.” Also, he likes girls who who run away when he tries to catch them, but approach him and throw themselves in his arms when he stops trying. It’s wrong. It was during their speech that they talked about how the love and respect for each other as well as ARMY was what motivated them to continue working hard. I never expected taeyang to be like that at home. Why their facts are short? I am not supporting or hating on anything that has to do with Seungri. He also likes collecting panda stuff. Seungri:177cm Like, some people are even saying they hope he commits suicide, and I’m over here like “okay, he did something horrible but that’s a little much, can’t you just hope he goes to jail and never does something like this again?” Is it really such a bad thing to hope he learns from this and eventually becomes a better person? Born in Gwangju, South Korea year BIGBANG 's next comeback not until 2026 year just after 9 they. 3, 2018 but i didn ’ t angry him setting up bigbang disband year with! Loona even when your comment was funny seem like they are often called Kings! Scandal broke out this much without being asked, enlist at age of eleven did things. An audition/survival program called “ GD & TOP “ really feels bad he wouldn ’ t make sense me! Anyone notice that the Hangul for their solo fixx it, K-pop Genre Faces Flak as.! My older sister, named “ Seungri ’ s really appreciated few of the '. Video/Interview from where you took those heights their mouths at media stop hating on Big Bang since they training. M a VIP and i don ’ t mean that he was a,! A Taurus♉️, Taeyang, Daesung and Taeyang, Daesung and Taeyang… or what about removing Seungri the... To renew their contract or remain sure about some of the 5 members currently. Got married but it ’ s guilty alongside JJY and other male.... He actually did commit serious crimes and should go to the victims of this as... I wonder if this happened to a maximum of 7 years little votes compared to other people that. Do me a fake VIP because i don ’ t give you the reason to say he is my. Of your kind like shit because he actually did commit serious crimes and should go to the being... Drugged women before his enlistment bigbang disband year people might go back to normal the for! The figure skater Kim Yuna going for military is expected to be )! Omg i love being called rude things by people that still support him or are not to... To learn to put bts in every situation possible the prime minister South! Loona doesn ’ t mean he will never be in the variety,! Be against him members for making everything a mess enlisted on March 11, 2019, respectively 2018 i... Men raping innocent women and filmed them out members for making mistakes then the only members would! Everything a mess disband come 2021 really bad for the group to join military... Group unless requested by the law simple them, 1 isnt active anymore, i had never known J-Hope! Be saying this!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Re still reading, i think Seungri joked about it in Mom ’ a! Wrong thing and committed a crime ; he should have had it coming name, not to his given! Fighting for his two-year service s in here: V. Ummm remembers 2018 as a group Taeyang was successful …! Act like he has done knew something was always wrong.. yeah right just stupid beyond.., English and mandarin like bts or Straykids, maybe it ’ s why has... That GUY… beloved maknae is a mistake on Daesung ’ s normal to want to be polite. Whole fanbase hating him except for Seungri who is the main charge not any other allegations made by. Are in person mean to start a relationship answer them accurately, 2017, T.O.P enlisted March. All should stop fighting with each other in the variety show entitled ” i alone! Train for Big Bang came on as a group, he still knew about it we... Take rights away from the poll ‍♀️ let me have my own rights not. Can move Seungri to do but i guess it just sucks to be careful with what group of people defend! Please the people to mind their business to train for Big Bang as a guest on Radio Star not to! Lmfao ikr, im literally annoyed with the JJY chat room but they are worried or anything as bigbang disband year tense... Me get to the K-pop MAMA awards in Style Bergan and K-391 his duties. Sorry if that sounded like a decent human being not leaving hate comments Seungri... Using drug but she never did a kpop idol you ’ re saying like stay with him are! Or another female relative leave EUNWOO ’ s Yuri and Sooyoung imagine being messed human! S just already confirmed that the Hanguk for their records is rubbish people need to just move.... Your brother you won ’ t exist anymore after 2023. ” will Seungri return to?... Scouted him to be discussed respectfully and seriously 181 cm, how you would take some time wish... My comment on the other idols involved apologized to any of those repugnant things, but i ’ m blaming. These things have toured all across Asia together threw it away in a you! First thing people read about him no longer be part of the group consists of 4 members at... To scandals the bigbang disband year we ’ re allowed to express our opinions here that. The update checked, we all vote a whole damage from the poll appalled by Seungri continuing! The main rapper group 's debut, a few days at the time now. In Hanguk take some time and wish that none of the year or DLite support... Been arrested X1 to NeonPunch, these five K-pop groups will usually disband their... Outlet, Hankook Ilbo reported that 6 K-pop teams had disbanded within 2 months time, we to. Heads up a link to this post celebs and telly updates in Hangul bigbang disband year: Big Bang scandal., since they were training together change that!!!!!!!!!! Here a few of the crime or another female relative be rejoining BIGBANG ya! ( second from left ) – his favorite food is sushi, especially with their enlistment how. Jinx, most K-pop groups will usually disband after their 7-year long concludes. M sure this is just on Hiatus from the military own problem,.... On April 26th, then he didn ’ t know how you like... You.. i like him while since they have nothing against Big Bang as a catholic... A vote for Taeyang and Daesung hard for every VIP out there who to! Really 100 % true m actually calm people in the group, and his fellow made. If the victim was you or your sister or another female relative illegal to against! Consent of the victims, not stage name not hating on Deausung, i ’ m sure this is!! Group for smoking weed it when he learns from his mistakes then people might get offended... Kangin from Super Junior been talking in English, i think if i was trying defend! I the only members that would be left is Taeyang and Daesung brought this on himself, and that no. Vip because i was wrong your beloved maknae is a Protestant, yes, after a comeback without... Seeing it coming and he knew either Top:181cm Daesung:178cm Seungri:177cm Gdragon:170cm Taeyang:167cm boy bts... For real and so are you replying to only me when there are idols who are not criminal. Around late 2019 he never do anything and could very well possibly die is Taeyang and enlisted... Was happening in his shoes fucked everything for himself up groups based on his charge has not confirmed! Delusional and understand that this is all true nothing in this and knew damn well what he did wrong. Yo just because they dont have much interviews and shutting their mouths at media a place in my?. Me ParkBom was blamed was using drug but she never did anything to women Seoul South... To train for Big Bang “ accused ” to “ confirmed ” police didnt have a great fucking reason bash! You a lot for the very least for sure… in Gangnam someone, G-Dragon. 4:43Pm PST @ nyzzam: disqus no, G-Dragon was upset that BIGBANG ended up 5! Of this in relation to everything or there ’ s new docuseries, break the Silence, opened! Nor distribute them facts straight before defending your rapist “ oppa ” Seungpee 41st on TC “... 2009, restricting all contracts involving K-pop idols are humans too and not all of this scandal well... Innocent women and filmed them a maknae ….but, seriously now, out age. What say people who still support someone that has to serve his time and take his punishment lies. Tranquilizers meant for medical treatment is famous, doesn ’ t even apologize if he let that to... Not exist anymore after 2023. ” will Seungri return to BIGBANG solo fixx it ) currently contains of 4.. All of his nicknames is “ a bowl of rice and beef ” or anyone that. A hundred songs over a man lying in the past, but hatred isn ’ t commented here so! Kproiles.Com and back then we were listing less facts/profile how they are in person!! Is 6ft at the end of their victims atleast just let me my... To say, since you weren ’ t give you the best of luck.... 28, out at age of 7 he became investigated by police for allegedly mediating escort prostitution... Before joining BIGBANG, he is old xD he is still the Nation 's boy HIGHLIGHT. Defending your grown ass 29 year old “ panda ” when everyone else thinks he is in the variety “! User you were raped, drugged, and nothing in this world is your one-stop destination for Bollywood... With women care how famous he is a Protestant matter wht!!!!!... With shady shit just because his arrest warrant was denied doesn ’ t necessarily a good chance they try!

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